ADCS 2015

The 20th Australasian Document Computing Symposium
Western Sydney University, Parramatta

Special Interest Group on
Information Retrieval


ADCS 2015 will the held at the Parramatta City campus and Parramatta South Campus, Western Sydney University.

More details will be released as the conference draws nearer.


Registration is no longer available.


A list of suitable accommodation located near the conference venue is provided by ALS:

Accepted Papers

Full Papers

  • Joel Mackenzie, Farhana M. Choudhury and J. Shane Culpepper, Efficient Location-Aware Web Search
  • Viet Phung and Lance De Vine, A study on the use of word embeddings and PageRank for Vietnamese text summarization
  • Guido Zuccon, Bevan Koopman, Peter Bruza and Leif Azzopardi, Integrating and Evaluating Neural Word Embeddings in Information Retrieval
  • Lyndon White, Roberto Togneri, Wei Liu and Mohammed Bennamouan, How Well Sentence Embeddings Capture Meaning
  • Doris Hoogeveen, Karin Verspoor and Timothy Baldwin, CQADupStack: A Benchmark Data Set for Community Question-Answering Research

Short Papers

  • Michiko Yasukawa, Shane Culpepper and Falk Scholer, Data Fusion for Japanese Term and Character N-gram Search
  • Liyuan Zhou, David Hawking and Paul Thomas, Text segmentation and Chinese site search
  • Laurence Park and Glenn Stone, The effect of assessor coverage and assessor accuracy on rank aggregation precision
  • Paul Thomas, Rollin Omari and Tom Rowlands, Towards Searching Amongst Tables
  • Matt Crane and Andrew Trotman, Collision Resolution in Hash Tables for Vocabulary Accumulation During Parallel Indexing
  • Alistair Moffat, Peter Bailey, Falk Scholer and Paul Thomas, INST: An Adaptive Metric for Information Retrieval Evaluation
  • Matt Crane, Andrew Trotman and David Eyers, Improving Throughput of a Pipeline Model Indexer